At Walls Insurance, we enjoy hearing what our customers have to say about our work. Below are some of what our customers have had to say:

“I have been working with Walls Insurance for at least 20 years. There is a reason you stay with a company that long. That reason is value. Woody Walls delivers value.”
A. Anthony Serdula
A. Anthony Corp.

“I have been doing business with Walls Insurance for 6 years; I insured my home and both my automobiles with them. Woody is one of the best in the business. The staff is kind, courteous, and always willing to help. All insurance claims I have had have been handled promptly and professionally. I would highly recommend them to anyone!”
Jason Somers
Red Barn Computers

“This is a letter in regards to Sherwood M. Walls Inc., our insurance agency for over 15 years, where we have both our auto and home insurance. To date, we are very satisfied with their professional service.”
Melissa J. Forke

“Thank you for all the help with the insurance. It's really comforting to know we have a great agent that is easily assessable for any questions we may have. I certainly will be sure to encourage my coworkers and family to switch.”

“Thank you for everything! You have been very kind and very helpful to both Paul and I. You made us feel very relaxed in a stressful time of our lives. Once again thank you.”

“Steven Cobb is the most caring and helpful insurance agent I have dealt with. I have used other insurance agencies and none have made me feel as valuable as Steve has made me feel.”

“Right from the beginning Steven was very helpful and knowledgeable. He took the time to make sure that I understood the coverage I had and where it would leave me financially in the event of an accident.”
Jodie Smith

"I met Steve when I was covering a business re-opening celebration for our local newspaper. He was so personable and made insurance seem so understandable that when he offered to give quotes I said, 'yes,' something I rarely do. Even he was surprised at how much we could save by switching to him and he worked with my crazy schedule the week before our vacation to make our switch totally seamless. We now have our auto, home and flood insurance through his company."
Deb Stever

“My 21-year-old son and my experience with Steve Cobb on reviewing his Life Insurance options, was an informative experience. Steve provided short and long term perspectives, in a very personable manner, making my son's decision on purchasing a Life insurance policy very simple and easy.”
Dan Dauley

“Steve Cobb is a very professional and knowledgeable insurance agent. He is truly a joy to work with; can be relied upon to be there when needed and is always friendly. He provides excellent customer service to our employees.”

“Steve was absolutely wonder to work with. He was truly interested in providing the best service for me and not just trying to sell the most expensive policy. Steve was very prompt and took care of everything. It was a great experience to work with an agent like him.”

“We have 5 vehicles and our home insured with Steven Cobb. When we switched we saved over $600 a year, and actually increased our homeowners coverage. We've had one auto claim (windshield) and one homeowners claim (lightning) which were handled immediately and professionally. You are the best!”
Jim & Julie